Cylinder head Assembly Station

  • Joining of lids and bolts
  • Automatic adhesive application  
  • Leak test  
  • Pressing force-displacement monitored

Globular Forming cylinder head drilling

  • Force fitting mechanism for closing of lubrication holes with balls that are locked by staking feature in a single operation.

Assembly station gearbox

  • 4 units automatic assembly stations for automobile gearboxes.
  • In 2 stations, the screws (1 x 13 units, 1 x 7 units) are delivered, provided and the gearbox is screwed with the clutch housing.
  • In station 3, the attachments are screwed, the screwdrivers are installed on slide units.
  • In station 4, the clutch housing is screwed.

„SHIMS“ -  Isolation station for gear assembly line

  • 2 rotary magazines with 30 positions each
  • Manipulator with vacuum gripper and scraper device
  • Electronic counter measures with NIO excretion
  • Storage rotary table

Control station Seegering – differential housing

  • Integrated unit can be linked to gear assembly. Delivery on work piece carrier with a friction roller
  • 2 seeger rings of the satellite bolt are checked if existing and clicked into place
  • AGG is centred by the control unit and aligned to an angle

Fully automatic force fitting system for con-rod socket

  • Force-displacement monitoring during pressing
  • Automatic Alignment and freely programmable pressing of socket
  • NC-Overhead transfer

Modification gear assembly

  • Integration of 2 new gear types in an existing assembly line
  • The implementation required the modification of about 12 stations

Plant for imprinting of ski boots

  • 4 robot cells
  • 3500 shoes per shift in pad printing and/or thermo transfer printing

Fully automatic assembly line for the completion of an air conditioning condenser

  • Manual application of soldered condensor on work piece carrier
  • Drilling of rivet bores for plastic pegs
  • Delivering and riveting of plastic pegs
  • Delivering and screwing of injection molding machine
  • Delivering and assembly of element 1 and 2
  • Delivering, in-pressing and welding of end cap
  • Pressure-, flow- and leak test of condensor
  • Delivering, lubricating and pressing-in of protective caps
  • Optic final check by camera system
  • Labelling of good and rejected parts
  • Discharge of rejected parts

Insertion unit valve seat inserts

  • 8 valve guides and 8 valve seat rings per cycle
  • 4 positioning axes C, X, Y, Z
  • 2 swivel axes for delivery, lead and inserts
  • 2 tool slides W1, W2
  • Floating construction of press in C-form horizontal
  • 2 press in cylinders controlled via proportional valve

Pipe processing

  • Automatic pipe guide with tube bundle
  • Pipe length about 800 – 4000 mm, ∅ about 90 – 120 mm
  • End working – deburring and chamfer
  • Transport devices
  • Cleaning plant: Wash – Rinse – Dry
  • Automatic trimming in bundles

Assembly unit for OBUs - On Board Unit - Road pricing automobile

  • Fully automatic assembly unit with test and packaging line

Assembly unit for OBUs- On Board Unit, 2nd unit

  • Second construction of previous unit

Assembly unit for - On Board Unit - Road pricing automobile

  • Semi-automatic assembly line with test and packaging line

Fully automatic press feeding

  • Automatic pipe feed of tube bundles (max. 10,5 m length)
  • Finished pipe length about 800 – 4.000 mm, ∅ about 30 – 50 mm
  • Highly dynamic loading and unloading gripper