Modification of HÜLLER-HILLE transfer lines for gearbox production

Modification of 3 transfer lines for the gearbox production with 2 stations each. Setting up the new station with modified drilling patterns and modification of the system to servo-controlled motors.

Modification KRAUSE Rotary transfer machine for finishing of con-rods

Scaffolding of new con-rod types – modification including processing technology.

Modification of a GROB transfer machine for cylinder head processing

Integration of a new station for the processing of core hole and thread.

Modification of a HONSBERG transfer line for selector fork production

Pallet transfer: Modification of the pallet lifts to controlled drive (Indramat) 2 new stations because of modified processing on the work piece.

New construction Special Processing Centre for magnesium die cast components

Two special processing centres with 7 axes each and 5 spindles, including measuring machine with automatic tool correction, marking station as well as loading and unloading with ABB-robot. Very short cycle time, dry processing with PKD - tools.

Modification of a FRÖHLICH transfer machine for con-rod processing

Installation of a new station for measuring the offset of the con-rod cover –Marposs measuring technology.

Modification of ALFING crack machine for con-rod processing

Modification and retrofitting because of new work pieces. Changing of the loading unit and transport, new  screwdriver feeding, changing of the screwdriver, new Marposs measuring heads and new cracking tools as well as exchange of the complete control unit.

Modification of a KRAUSE MAUSER transfer machine for camshaft processing

Integration of two new processing stations in the existing transfer machine for the reaming of an end-face bore and for boring of 8 radial holes.

Modification of processing centres for brake disk production

Modification of the linking and of HÜLLER-HILLE processing centres
necessary tools and commissioning.

New construction of brushing station for gearbox main shaft

New construction of a brushing machine in order to remove shot-blasting of the preceding machine from the tooth flanks of the main shaft. Brushing machine: Integration Fanuc Robot and new linking to separate the boxes with the work pieces.

Modification of EX-CELL-O transfer machines for con-rod processing

Modification of pre- and fine machining of transfer machines into a new type of con-rod.

New construction of a fully automatic production system for  alu-rods

The fully automatic production system is for the processing and pre-assembly  of alu-profile tube sections (Ø = 30mm, length = 350 to 450mm) and contains a saw with a magazine for 30 aluminium tubes (max. 6 m long), a rotary transfer machine with 4 stations and hanging rotary table, a continuous washing machine, a press-in station as well as a packaging station with station for 5 units of transport containers. The manipulation of the work pieces is carried out with two jointed-arm robots.

Modification of measuring machines

Modification of existing measuring machines for gearboxes and clutch housing together with Company Lehnert at Opel Austria. Settig up of complete new side-units with up to 20 new measuring features.

New construction cleaning cabinets for clutch housing

Cleaning of the production parts with coolants from the central coolant treatment followed by  
air cleaning . 2 parts each are stretched on the unit with pallets. Rotation of the unit is free programmable.

Modification of a KRAUSE MAUSER transfer machine for camshaft production

New device because of work piece change of crankshaft on camshaft. Modification from oil- to coolant processing. Provision of production technology. Integration of a new handling system at the outlet section of the line. Modification and integration of a laser engraving station at the end of the line.

Modification of 2 GROB machining centres for cylinder block production

Relocation of both machining centres within the premises of the factory. Modification of cylinder head- to motor block processing. Construction of a completely new hydraulic fixing device with a position check by air, provision of tools, modification of the coolant disposal as well as programming of the Siemens NC.

Overhaul of a KM rotary transfer machine

Modification of a COMAU machining centre for gearbox production

Modification of 25 units of Comau machining centres. New construction and modification of the automatic tool changer at the processing centres.

Modification of a KRAUSE MAUSER rotary transfer machine for con-rod production

Modification of a KRAUSE MASUER rotary transfer machine for the cracking of con-rods. New construction and integration of a unit for the processing of the holding groove. New cracking tool and changing of the laser unit to laser the big-end bearing at the con-rod.

Modification of a KRAUSE MAUSER transfer machine for camshaft processing

Modification of an existing camshaft transfer system with additional machining units on two levels for the machining of camshafts: plane surface, inner hole, threads, reaming;
3 machining units on 2 levels, 3 NC- spindles and 8 NC-axes, BOSCH MTX controlling, automatic stitch adjustment between 3- and 4- cylinders, fully chaotic production (work piece mixture), work piece wear control, stations are equipped with multi spindle heads.

Modification of a GROB machining centre for cylinder block production

Relocation of the machining centre within the premises of the factory. Modification of the coolant deposit and modification of the device. Programming of Siemens CNC.