Production relocations

If you want to relocate production within your factory premises of if you want to relocate production abroad, nomotec guarantees a professional and on-time execution. Our range of services start with planning the project of relocation, disassembling of machines and plants, continues with transporting and re-assembling at a new location up to the commissioning of the plants. 



Product Relocation

Relocation of 176 single -and transfer machines for gear processing

Product Relocation

Relocation of an entire camshaft, crankshaft- and con-rod production from Opel Austria to GM do Brasil in San Jose dos Campos

Relocation and overhaul of processing centres

Relocation of 8 machining centers HÜLLER-HILLE  NBH-150 and 3 machining centers NORTE VS 2000 from Nürnberg to Starachowitze (Poland)  including general overhaul of the plants on the premises of nomotec.